Thursday, 22 April 2010

Lets Watch Heroman: Part 4

Grandma: What an evil looking mushroom...

Kogorr: Its not a mushroom!

Rooko: Who are you shouting at?

Kogorr: I don't know about you, but I'm feeling fabulous!

Rooko: Eghh....
(best pose EVER)

Will: My plan is simple! We will steal their weapons!

Green shirt: Oh I suppose that'd work...

Julie: Alright, me and Psh are out... Were gonna check on Denton...
Lina: Urmm.. You know there's alot of scared people here, if someone could-
Julie: I'm sorry? I can't hear you over the sound of me leaving!

Denton: Look! I took apart one of their weapons! I knew that Phd in Lego would come in handy one day.
Psh: Oh cool, what did you learn?
Denton:.... They like purple?

Denton: But you know, I do feel bad as this is my fault.... Everytime a building is destroyed I feel so torn inside.
Psh: Oh so your feeling everything Julie should be, if she wasn't a massive pussy that is.
Julie: Hey!

Green shirt: Oh wow.... This.... This has actually gone better then I thought it would.

Will: Oh my god! It looks like some sort of weapon! We've got to go back and warn everyone! We'll be hero's!

Guard: Sir, we found these creatures wondering around our ship.

Kogorr: A-haha! Feed them to my space sharks!

Rooko: Uh.... Sir, space sharks aren't real... you made them up....

Kogorr: I did? Urmm... In that case.... I don't know.... Put them somewhere until I can think of some other space animal related death.

Will: Screw you!

Kogorr: Now.... We will begin my master plan!

Rooko: Wait, you had a plan?

Kogorr: Go! Spread destruction and chaos!

Rooko:... Oh you can't be serious.

Kogorr: Go!

Kogorr: Ultimate Pinball!

Rooko:....... Words fail me Sir.....

Julie: What the f-

(This is not a joke, this is actually happening)

Denton: Oh no! The city hall! Everyone will die!

Kogorr: Dahaha! This is the best game ever!

Rooko: I can't even describe my feelings at this point Sir....

Julie: Go Heroman!

Julie:.... OK! New plan! Do not try and stop the sphere with your hands!

Denton: Yes! With this hole we can trap the sphere!

Rooko: Sir.... Your.... Pinball has gotten stuck.

Kogorr: What? Try shaking the machine!

Rooko:... I... I don't think it works like that.

Kogorr: Uh, fine... Just punch in up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, X, Y.

Rooko: Sir, this isn't actually a game you can't use cheat-

Rooko: Holy shit that worked!

Julie: Urr... Urrr.... Do something Heroman!

Julie:.... Become a giant.... Yeah! Whatever.....

Kogorr:..... R.... Rooko?

Rooko: Y-yes... Sir?

Kogorr: WHAT THE F*** IS THAT?

Julie: Phew, we managed to delay it so everyone got away... but we still need to destroy it somehow.....

Kogorr:..... Rooko... I am annoyed.

Rooko: Sir! Use your breathing exercises!

Kogorr: HOW DARE THEY! Rooko! We're moving up another level!

Rooko:... You can't mean....

Kogorr: That's right!


Julie: Well Sh-

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