Friday, 2 April 2010

Lets Watch Heroman: Part 1

In the deep reaches of space....

Denton: Hello? Hello? Any aliens out there? Hello?

Alien: Sir! We've discovered a transmission from another species! This is our first contact! What should we do?

Villain: INVASION!

Alien: That's a bit rash don't you think? I mean we don't know any-

Villain: INVASION!

Alien: We're not going to have a repeat of the moon incident are we?

Villian: F*** that moon! It looked at me funny!

Wow, Robot toys are expensive.

Julie: *Sigh* I want a robot.

Shop owner: Julie! Stop daydreaming and go to school!

Wow, her room is really boring... Like.... get a poster... something!

Lina: Hey Julie!
Lina: So ur... There's going to be this party.... would you like to go with me?

Julie: Can't. Doing my hair.

Lina: Ohhh! You always brush me off like this!

Will: Get away from her Lina!

Oh my god its a giant duck! Oh no wait.... Its just his silly hair.

Will: Your turning my sister into a lesbian! And since this is set in the US of A that means we don't like your kind round hare!

(As a side note Will is very protective of his sister... Like overly.... Like so much it's super creepy)

Psh: Leave her alone!
Will: Tch, come on Lina, we out.

Japan has a very strange idea on how bullying works in America.

Julie: Prof Denton?
*Rape face*

Denton: I've done it! I've made contact with an alien race!

Julie: Ok, I'm gonna ignore the fact that that's impossible to do, since you only have a couple of radar dish's.... but isn't contacting another race dangerous?

Denton: Oh it'll be fine... It's not like they'll be a race of people who randomly blow up moons.

Being young and rich is great!

Grumpy driver: Ha! Take that childhood!

Julie: He threw it away so its mine!
Psh: Man Julie, you've got to stop going through people's trash.


Villain: What was that?

Alien: Urr.... Nothing?

Villain:.... Did you just send out a wave of radiation that can give people super powers?

Alien: No.... Maybe....

Villain: Damn it! We need to find a new fuel source.... one that doesn't send out rays of superpowery whenever we jump somewhere.

Julie: No! The rain! It'll become more broken!

Zeus: Take my powers little robot!

Julie:.... Does that mean its going to have sex with a duck now?

Julie: Ah! My hand! It's eating my hand!

Julie: And your a giant robot now... I guess that's kinda cool-

Julie: Oh god! Kidnap!

Julie: Wow.... He does not like hybrids.

Julie: Oh... I guess you saved those people.... That's cool also.

Drum role please....

How many of you realised Julie is infact a Joey? That's right, she's a boy. If you think it's hard to tell from these pictures just actually watch the anime, he's voiced by a girl.... which is just.... *Sigh*.

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