Monday, 12 April 2010

Game Review: Command and Conquer 4

The council has been in an uproar for over an hour now. At first they were content to merely sit and brood on the events of this morning, but now they had left their seats to shout their outrage.

"It's nothing like the old ones!"
"There heretics!"
"They took out the main mechanics!"
"They changed it!"

A crash echo's throughout the room and the council all stares in silence at the center of the room. I bang the table once more.

"How the mighty have fallen, huh? You always want the game to improve, yet your outraged whenever something changes? No sir! I dub you the heretics! It is because of people like you that no one else can play RTS's!"

"Oh I had my doubts when I heard the news, but my faith in Kane was unwavering! He would not lead us astray! And so I come back to you with your worst fear.... Tiberium twilight is fun!"



If you buy this game the first thing you need to learn is how to let go. If you can bring yourself to let go of all your old strategy's and tactics, if you can man up and shallow what has been given to you... Then I assure you, C&C4 is great fun.

Frankly I actually applaud the guys behind the new C&C, I mean they must have known how everyone was going to react? But they did it anyway, and I can honestly say the system is great fun.

For those of you who don't know the C&C series, and most strategy games, are founded on universal resource systems. Part of the game is working out how you can quickly out resource your enemy. However the new C&C has taken out resources completely, all you need to build units is time.

But time is something you do not have.

Basically a match goes like this- you build your army and try to capture these location for points, which go toward winning the game. That's it, and it is furious. If your clever and your enemy makes a mistake, then the whole game can easily be turned around in your favor. There is fighting going on all the time and I love it.

I actually like this system cause no longer can you be base raped, no longer can you be out resourced by a faster opponent. Regardless of skill, you will not be knocked out of the game in only 2 mins.

The only way forward is to meet your opponent on the field of Valor.

A good player will still destroy a bad player, and the game isn't perfect, but it is a good game.

As for the story, well I'll always love Kane. There's this brilliant moment when Kane basically kidnaps your wife to force you to work for him, but I was just like "Awww, That's sweet Kane.... But you didn't need to do that silly"

It is a short and fast paced story, which is a shame. At the end none of the big questions are answered (But you kinda suspected that didn't you?), but for some strange reason I felt the pace of the story fit the pace of the game.

But yes, bottom line, give this a chance, it might surprise you.

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