Thursday, 15 April 2010

Lets Watch Heroman: Part 3

Kogorr: Wait for it......

Kogorr: Wait for it.....

Rooko: Powering up the lasers now Sir.

Kogorr: Wait for it.....

Kogorr: Now! Launch all the cornettos!

Rooko: Right firing the- Wait.... Weren't we firing our lasers at them?

Kogorr: Ha! Fool! In order to trick your enemy you must first trick your allies!

Rooko: I.... I don't think that applies here...

Goalan: So..... How do we invade exactly?

Sodforl: Hmm.... I guess we can fire at them?

Goalan: Oh wow.... You just... You just killed all those people.

(I had to get that, yes that's right IN CASE OF ALIEN ATTACK GO TO YOUR CITY HALL)

Julie: Ok so.... Urr.... I'm just gonna go see if my grandma's ok...

Will: Hang on a second there! I can't accept Julie as a Hero! I hate your kind!
Julie: What? I'm not trying to be... And why do you hate lesbians? You gay or something?
Will: W-what? No of course not! Don't be silly! And shut up! I shall continue to hate you for vague reasons I'm not going to explain!

Psh: Damn, some aliens are about.... What do you want to do?
Julie: I think we'll just hide here for a little bit....
Psh:.... You have a lightning robot and your hiding...? Why do I hang out with you again?

Jet1: Alright people! Lets blow them up like we did on Independence day!

Jet2: What? But that was a movie! A movie that didn't make any sense!

Jet1: Shhhhhhiiiiiiiii-

Rooko: Sir, we seem to be under attack?

Kogorr: Haha! We shall answer them with due force! Crash into them!

Rooko: I'm... I'm just gonna turn the lasers on.

Kogorr: Good! Now activate the Orgasmatron!

Rooko: Uh.... I wish you wouldn't call it that.....

Kogorr: Yessss! Now we will spread our seed all over their fertile soil!

Rooko:..... Please.... Please don't say it like that....

Will: Ok, plan is to sneak into the alien ship and become a hero! That'll show Julie and Psh! (Seriously? What the f*** is this guys problem?)

Green Shirt: I'm going to follow you despite your idea being retarded!

Psh: Well.... Everything seems fine.


Devoor: Ok, I had my doubts about this invasion idea... But it turns out... Blowing up peoples homes is really fun!

Golroa: You know what we should do? Blow up more homes!

Devoor: Yeah! It's like with every explosion I get a little more over my father issues!

Golroa: Hahaha! Ye- Wait what?

Julie: Time out!
Devoor: Oh shit.... She just called a time out... What do we do?

Golroa: I guess we have to wait until someone says time in?

Devoor: Oh my god- time in Time in TIME IN!

Golroa: Holy shit! He just killed three of us! Take this!

Julie: Oh god I hope this shield works!

Julie: Huh, what do you know?

Devoor: Its.... Shooting out fire.... made out of lightning.... Why aren't we running?


Julies Grandma had her headphones on the entire time.

Grandma: Something happen Julie?

Hahaha! Lets all laugh despite the fact that Julie's pussy attitude has cost hundreds of people their lives!


Kogorr: Testing.... Testing.... Is this thing on?

Kogorr:Ahem! People of..... People of!....

Kogorr: Psst, whats this planet called again?

Rooko: What? I don't know? We didn't do any research before coming here? Remember?

Kogorr:..... People of GreenyBluey! We are the Skrugg! Rulers of the Universe!

Rooko: What? No were not?

Kogorr: Shut up! They don't know that!

Kogorr: You planet belongs to us now! So says my pimp cane!


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