Thursday, 8 April 2010

Lets Watch Heroman: Part 2

Julie: Ok.... Its cool that you saved Lina from that fire and all.... but why did you have to put a hole in my wall?
Julie: And its not like this is a controller.... I just press it and you do whatever you like.... Also why does your giant form look nothing like your toy form?

Stan Lee: Magic!

James: Ah! Stan Lee? What are you doing here?

Stan Lee: I helped make this!

James: That.... That explains so much.

Julie: Ok.... Lets just test out your power on this... old.... metal thing....

Julie:..... Ok it caught on fire after you punched it.... That.... That worries me.

Villian (Now known as Kogorr, nice): Send out our Anal Probes!

Rooko: *Sigh* I wish you wouldn't call them that Sir....

Kogorr: Fine! We'll go back to the old name! Go! Spread fear and terror Space Cornetto's!

Rooko: How... How did you get this job again?

Lina: Hey Julie! You'll never guess! I was saved by a Robot.... Who may also have been a vampire werewolf!

Julie: *Uh oh, for some reason it would be very bad if she learned I sort of saved her life!* I had nothing to do with that! I have to go mow the lawn!

Man, I knew the setup was that Julie's poor but.... Wow, that's just another level of poor.

Psh: Ok... So let me get this straight.... Your broken toy turns into a lightning robot and your worried cause it's too powerful.... Have you been sniffing paint again?

Julie: I told you those days were behind me!

Psh: I want to believe you.... But then you come to me with shit like this.

Kevor: Greetings other lifeforms! Bow to our glory!

Davoor: There.... There not bowing!

Kevor: Quick! Show them our glowy staffs! That always works!

(This is an odd scene cause you have the crowed of humans, but then your thinking the aliens are gonna blow their brains up or something with their staffs.... But all it does is cause a minor amount of pain.... and then it stops.... and its like, wtf was the point of that?)

Stanop: Well.... They seem surprised at least.

Police: Put down your weapons or we will fire!

The Aliens response

Davoor: Why are they throwing tiny bits of metal at us?
Kevor: Perhaps this is how they greet others!
Stanop: Oh dude, I think they might be pissed, that metal box might have been their god or something.

Police: Guns.... Do not work? The American Dream is over!

Kogorr: Ah! I see the invasion goes well!
Kevor: Actually Sir... Urr.... Davoor just wanted to recharge one of their metal boxs....But it turns out they don't use anti-matter as a form of energy.
Kogorr: Huh, that's stupid. Anyway, get me the man that contacted us! I will use him as a sample!
Kevor: Can do Si-
Kogorr: A butt sample! Gonna probe that thing so much!

Radio: So... People are reporting aliens? Did someone spike our water supply again?

Julie: Wait... Aliens?.... Oh god Denton!

Kevor: Hey... Sorry about the fence, you the guy that contacted us?

Denton: Why yes I am!
Kevor: Ok.... You need to come with us.
Denton: Oh! Am I gonna be an envoy for the human race?

Kevor: Urr.... No.... Our leaders.... Gonna butt probe you...

Denton:...... What?

Kevor: Yeah sorry.
Julie: I'll save you Denton! Hero Make up!

(Ok Internet, that is a joke, under no circumstances is anyone allowed to ever do a picture of that.... If you do my head will explode)

Stanop: What the? That robot just grew huge! How is that even poss-

Kevor: Well shit.
Davoor: Oh god! Make it stop!
Kevor: Wait wait wait! Lets talk about this!

Lightning+ Punch = Dead Kevor

Rest in piece.
Heroman does his best Big O impression.

Lina: You saved us Julie!
Julie: Urr.... That's right! All me!

Inwardly Heroman curses the three laws of robotics.

Kogorr: Haha! Now engage the stealth system!

Rooko: Sir... They've..... They've already seen us.... and besides we don't have a stealth system.

Kogorr:..... Prepare to fire the lazers!

Rooko: *Sigh*

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