Friday, 11 June 2010

Anime: Saint Seiya

I have to apologies to Saint Seiya and any of it's fans. I was wrong, and I am very sorry.

Those of you familiar with anime may have heard of this one, but it was only recently that I actually watched any of it. The reason is simple, whenever you see anything about it you see pictures like this:I mean come on, that looks ridiculous.

So for a long time I convinced myself that Saint Seiya was like say.... power rangers or something, generally kind of tame and not interesting.

Holy shit, how wrong was I.

The anime starts like most others, with a booming voice telling us whats what, explaining that the world is guarded by powerful saints who fight for justice. How do you become a saint? Well that's easy, all you got to do is survive a brutal existence and kill pretty much everyone you come across.

Our main character is in a tournament to see who will become the Pegasus saint, and he wins by cutting his opponents ear off with his hand.... and then he breaks the atoms in his bones with his fists... I mean.... Holy shit.

Another one become a saint because he kills Bears. That's just what he did all day, he'd go out in the forest looking for wood, lift up bears and strangle them to death, and then get some lunch. That was just his normal day.

Then you get the dragon saint, who kicked a waterfall up. Not just a bit of the water mind you, the whole f***ing thing went into reverse because he kicked it so hard.

So once the the saints get together, what do they do? Train for upcoming evil? Hang out? Work on team work? Nope, they attempt to brutally murder each other in a no rules tournament. And damn this anime hates hearts, if your in this anime there is a high chance that someone is going to try and punch the f*** out of it. Every episode there is regularly blood everywhere.

Now look at this guy:
Now you'd think he would be the wimp of the team. Let me tell you.... Out of all of them, this is guy I wouldn't want to fight. He is made out of crazy. I shit you not, he is off the wall mad and has no problem with murdering your ass. He was fighting one guy and was like "I'll take pity on you" and then proceeds to freeze the guy almost completely, basically saying he could have just frozen him forever.... but since he's so full of mercy he can just die instead.

Now it's not completely insane, the pink member is a total wuss, but this anime is brutal. If you use a move that leaves your heart open for just a second, some f***er is gonna put his fist through your heart....

I love it

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