Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Man I'm getting pretty sick of their shit.

It's not that I dislike Ni- No wait... No I do dislike them, intensely. I don't mind the fact that many of their games are for kids (Since when did that become a bad thing?) I... accept that for some reason (I'm willing to blame ancient sea monsters at this point) people actually like the Wii (And can take that name seriously... I... I still haven't gotten over it, I laugh every time I hear it) but what I do mind is....

Why do you only make the same goddamn games?!

I played a Mario game, I played the very hard Donkey Kong and Mario game (At least... It was hard when I was a kid) and I've played two Zelda games.

I physically can not do it again.

If you tried to make me play any of these again, I would probably react as if someone had stuffed cobras into my mouth. I would be greatly displeased.

It's not the games are bad, I'm sure there very good (Since many people love them) its just... this... whole retconing the setting for every game... I cannot handle it. Or just not adding anything at all to the setting... It's my f***ing poison.

I mean I had a look over the now old Nds games, since it should be cheap by now. What did I find? A whole punch of the same goddamn crap! I can't do it!

It's werid cause you have cases of Okami or Little Big planet, which when you get down to it... are the same as Zelda and Mario. Yet with a different coat I fully accept it.

It's just.... Your everything I hate in storytelling Nintendo....

P.S. Why the hell is it called Zelda? One of the games I played didn't even have her in it? It's like Guin Saga all over again.

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