Saturday, 19 June 2010

Lets Watch Tokko: Part 3

Shindo: Be honest with me Doc, do I have the cancers?

Doctor: No... Look.... This is a tattoo, not like liver spots or something...

Shindo: But it magically appeared!

Doctor: .... Tell me do you drink?

Shindo: Well yeah-

Doctor: Then mystery f***ing solved.

Shindo: Well I guess I feel better... The Doc did take a blood sample just in case... so nothing should go wrong.


Doctor: Oh my good god! He has every cancer known to man!

Shindo: Ooohh this building looks interesting, I'm gonna break in.

I think Shindo may be in the wrong line of work, cause someone needs to explain to him that as a policemen is not ok to break into places.

Shindo: Oh hey Sak, I found your super secret hospital.... that's literally across the street from the normal hospital.... who's that?

Sak: My brother.... He was attacked by a demon during the first incident, he's been in a coma ever since...

Shindo: Oh yeah... Cause you used to live near me back in the day.... How the hell did I forget that? Your like the only person I know with red hair?

(I hate this, anime does it alot.... but its basically selective amnesia that serves no other purpose then showing how stupid the writers are)

Assistant: Oh boy, I wonder where this blood subplot is going? Imagine the interesting things that could be explored!

He is then killed and turned into a zombie, because Tokko hates subplots.

Everyone who saw the blood is then turned into a zombie and killed by Sak, because Tokko likes to thoroughly murder any and all subplots.

That's the entire episode, so little happens in this whole bloody series.

Shindo: Hey there, I'm glad were having a date episode and getting away from the main plot for once.

Ha! No!
Shindo: So you work in forensics.... but you study ancient books.... that doesn't strike you as odd?

Plot Women: Not really....

Plot Women: But yeah the books from Italy.... it speaks of alchemists using demons to turn lead into gold Oohhhoo!

Shindo: I knew it! It was the Italians all along!

Plot Father: Daughter! Take him away! This is not for his eyes!

Plot Women: But dad-

Plot Father: No buts!

Later at night Shindo meets the big demon that spawns the zombie bugs, and gets his ass handed to him.

But look at that! His tattoo has magic Kanji powers! Then the demon runs away.

This is actually something that has always bothered me. Why would magic take the form of words? It would be like summoning a shield with a big glowing stop sign on it.... It doesn't look cool, it looks ridiculous. Do people in Japan think it looks silly? I hope they do, cause it does.

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