Saturday, 3 October 2009

Lets Watch Guin Saga: Part 14

A song plays in the background.

Bard: This place is so magical... I'm sure it'll become important later on and be constantly revisited.

It isn't.

Vlad: Oh this should be good... Alright, where are the 15,000 troops I sent you?
Amn: Well.... Urmm... A few thousand came back...
Vlad: OK... Yeah... You fail.

Vlad: Your going to start acting like a real princess now, and to elaborate that point: Here is a booth full of wonderful dresses I expect you to wear!

Astreas: Oh god, I got a boner.

Vlad: Also you will be married to Prince Naris!... Once we find out where he is....

Astreas: Awww.... My boner just died.

Amn: Oh hey Miail, my little brother.

Miail: So your a main character for this show right? Do you think I could be?

Amn: Well... We don't know it yet, but your potentially worse then Remus... And the shit I've gone through to get here? I'm not even sure it was worth it.

Guin: Alright, this has been cool you guys.... But.... I gotta jet, got shit to do.

Monkey Ninja: What? Aren't you gonna stay and be our king?

Guin: Oh yeah, I'll come back for that. But I got to find out who I actually am... And why the hell I have a Leopard head... Plus if all you guys come with me you'll just cramp my style.

Once again Istavan hits on Rinda and Remus fails at being a cockblock.
Oh and Suni's alive, but again, do you really care?

Meanwhile at the city of Crystal! Man, this shows starting to just randomly cut to new places all the time.

Mongol Solider: Halt! We need to check your carriage!

Other guy: Whatever for?

Solider: Well, we heard Prince Naris was trying to get back into the city... so we got to check for him... Huh, you have two hot women in here? But why do I feel weird for finding one of them attractive?

Ho: No reason to think like that! Just take me and let them be on their way.

Solider: What? Yeah sure!

Naris (Dressed as a woman): Oh wow, did you just pimp out your daughter for my sake? Being a prince is awesome.

Doudou: I can't let you go, you will stay and be our King.

Guin: Not happening bucko.

Guin: Panther throw!

Doudou: Lagon headlock!
Guin: You already did that one!

Doudou: Giant elbow!

Rinda: Oh no! Guin is actually sort of getting his ass kicked!

Guin: ARHH! I'm Guin motherf***ers!
Rinda: Oh no wait, hes alright.

Servant: Someone has leaked that Prince Naris is in the city!

Other Guy: What? No way!

Naris: Oh, that's not cool....

Sara: They'll kill my father if you don't give yourself up, but don't worry... He's brave and will lay down his life for you.

Naris: Actually, I'm kinda bored... and I think this could get silly, so I might give myself up.

Sara: What? No you can't! I love you! No one else can have you!

*Naris takes the knife*

Naris: Ok.... Now sit in your corner and think about what you did.

Naris: Why do I always get the crazy ones?

Other guy: Its cause you look like a girl, so you attract all the would-be lesbians.

Mongols: Haha! We found you!

Naris: .... Well done?

Sara: Kahaha! I told them where you were! Now as payment I get to have your babies!

Black Knight Captain: Yeeeeeaaaahhhhhh.... We're not actually gonna do that.

Naris: Oh thank god.

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