Sunday, 11 October 2009

Lets Watch Guin Saga: Part 16

Istavan: Holy shit! Where did we get these rafts from?

Istavan: Ok, you guys chill here while I find me some Ho's- I mean a ship... yeah... ship.

Guin: .... You know what guys? I think I should spilt.
Rinda: What? Why?
Guin: Cause I'm way more popular then you guys, and I'll just attract all the attention.

Remus: Your right Guin, you should fall in a well and die.

*Rinda slaps Remus*

Rinda: How could you say that? After everything Guin has done for us! He's like our guardian angel, a blessing sent from the-

Guin: Christ Rinda! Fine I'll come! If you'll just shut up! Jeeze... Your such a clingy bitch.

Naris: Hey there... How's it going?
Amn: Fine...
Naris: You look nice, I'm gonna say alot of romantic stuff now...
Amn: Like all girls I'll pretend to not be listening but actually drinking in every detail from your beatful lips.... I mean... shut up!

Naris: Hey, want to see my tower?
Amn: What?
Naris: You know, my teleporter tower?
Amn: Oh right... You'd really show me that?
Naris: Sure! But you have to come alone.

Amn: Why does he say such nice things to me?
Servant: I'm sure its because he's fond of you, and clearly not because he's a total player that just knows what to say. Also I have a hamster for a brain.

*Meanwhile at the S&M club*

Bard: Wake up bitch!
Astreas: Ahherr.... Why does my ass hurt...?
Bard: Don't ask stupid questions! We've drugged you so now you'll answer our stupid questions!

*Astreas tells them where he last saw the twins*

Bard: So, what does this Guin fella look like?
Astreas: Like a Leopard...

Bard: ..... Dude, I think we drugged him a little too much....

Strange guy: This way....

Amn: Well, I feel totally safe here.

Naris: So glad you could- Ooohhh.... You kept your armour on... that's cold bitch.

Amn: Hmph! I don't have to take your slander- Holy shit! There's a guy coming out of the floor!

*The mage gives a message to Naris then disappears*

Amn: What the hell? If you had mages who could do that why didn't you use them.

Naris: Lets just say, Magics not exactly free.

Amn: Wow... this is amazing...

Naris: Why not take a closer look then! *Push*

Naris: Hahaha, I can't believe you fell for that, your such a stupid bitch.

Amn: Let me out of here!

Naris: Lets see... I could teleport you to an enemy nation? Oh! Why not the bottom of the ocean? Or into the sun? I hear that's good this time of year.

Amn: Don't do this!
Naris: Say your my Bitch.
Amn: W-what?
Naris: Say it.
Amn: Stop messing around! Let me out!
Naris: SAY IT!

Amn: *Crying* I'm your bitch....

Narist: See, that wasn't so hard.
Amn: I hate you! I'll never like you!

Naris: Hey... what are you?

Amn: I.... I'm.... I'm your....

Amn: Your bitch....

Istavan: Right, I got a boat... Oh yeah, I heard Naris was getting married, weren't you engaged to him Rinda?

Rinda: I... I'm sure it just a political marriage! Naris would never-

Remus: Face it sis, you got dumped. Bet its cause your fat.

Rinda: When did you start picking on me...?

Soldiers: Hey have you seen a leopard guy around here?

Correct Answer: What the hell have you been smoking? Of course not!

Istavan's Answer: Can't say I have.

Captain: Welcome to my ship- Hey! That boys a girl! Have you never heard any superstitions about the sea before!

Istavan: What? Don't be crazy... Shes just a very gay boy.

Captain: Grrr! Were leaving now!

Rinda: Wait! What about Guin?

Remus: Rinda....

Rinda: Remus....

Remus: I need you to shut up.

Rinda: When did you become so mean!

*Guin jumps down onto the boat*

Guin: I swear to god you guys, If I find out who's been stealing all my screen time, I am gonna kill them.

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  1. By the second half I felt that everyone stole most of Guin's screen time. It's his show, darn it, lol.