Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Anime: Kemono No Souja Erin

I have a problem.

Admitting it is the first stage of recovery right?

Couple of days ago I stormed into Japans office and I told him straight up that I’m done with him.

“I don’t have to take shit from you Japan, you cannot treat me this way. All you do is call me names, delay the release for things I want, or trick me in to watching something completely awful. Well I’m done Japan, so Ha! I’ll not be your little bitch anymore.”

Japan puts on a sour face and leans back in his comfortable chair only to smile.
“Oh well... That’s too bad... I guess you won’t want these new episodes of kemono no souja erin then” He starts to turn his chair around ready to wait patiently for my return. He doesn’t wait long.

“N... new episodes?”

“Hmm? Oh yes... There’s actually five of them out now... Huh, weird that... But you don’t want to watch them so it’s fine”

“W-w-w-wait... Lets not... Hehe... Let’s not get crazy here... Didn’t... Didn’t you know I was joking? Hahaha! Funny wasn’t it!”

“Hmmm... I don’t know... you sounded pretty serious”

“Ah... Ah... It... It... It was a bet! HAHAHA! Silly bet right? HAHAHA! Just... give me the episodes... please....” Japan smiles down at me.


I do it. I dance for Japan. It is a sad pathetic dance but I do it all the same, cause I’d do anything to get my next fix of kemono no souja erin.


What’s that reader? You haven’t watched kemono no souja erin? Well that’s complet-


Go out there and watch it now! Why aren’t you doing it?! Do you want me to kill you? Because by not watching it you become a sort of half person, and I must save you from your misery. With fire.

You want convincing? I should kill you now... But alright, I’ll do my best.

I think the best way to prepare you for this is to first visit the restaurant of stories again. Look all around you and you will see people eating these hot and spicy meals. Some of you will look at these meals and think they just look weird, others of you may be put off by the taste because you’re not used to it. What you need to understand reader is that these things are the stable diet of anime fans, especially those of us from the west. A lot of these meals are usually made up of sugar and hot spices, sometimes just the one or both, and many people have grown to prefer one taste over another.

I have to say that these are bad for your diet, the trouble with the spice is everyone tries to make theirs hotter and only a few actually do it, sugar is put in pretty much everything and it becomes the background taste for all your meals. Considering the frequency of these things the anime diet will rot your brain and frankly most of it is junk food, and after if you try to eat anything different you’re put off because it’s not familiar.

I am sitting somewhere in middle eating my kemono no souja erin and crying dear reader, I am actually crying into my food. The others look at me oddly wondering how such a bland meal, devoid of sugar and spice, is giving me such a reaction. They cannot understand reader because they have ruined their taste buds with junk food and don’t know how to eat delicate and perfect little meals. I put a piece in my mouth and it’s so smooth and soft reader, you can almost imagine the show patting you on the back warmly and telling you that the sun will always shine.


I’d like to try and sum the story up for you reader, but in a sense I would be ruining the journey for you, cause kemono no souja erin is an evolving story. The show is supposed to be around 50 episodes and if you say that is too much you are a deviant who should be culled, because how can you tell a deep meaningful story if you don’t have the time to tell it?

Well let’s see... I’ll try my best with an opening.

Erin is a small girl from a village that raises these giant lizard/dragon things called Touda’s. These Touda’s are incredibly important for their nation because their used in the army to fend off other nations. Erin’s mother is one of the caretakers for the Touda and our story begins with us following Erin along on her journey of learning about animals and how the world around her works.

I honestly don’t want to say more than that because the story just develops at a fantastic rate, letting you sit back and be cuddled by it. But don’t forget reader, there’s no sugar in here (Or Anime sugar at least) so while everything sounds like it’ll be fine forever... life... never really goes that way.

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