Monday, 6 July 2009

Anime: Yugioh 5d's

In my look at the new season of anime reader you may have picked up that I like Yugioh, I don’t know what it is but I just find card games fun. Anyway for awhile now a new series called Yugioh 5d’s has been airing and I thought I’d check it out.

Now in the original Yugioh series we had your normal card duels which then lead to the ancient Egyptian shadow duels, which were cool cause the loser got banished to the shadow realm. In the new one they’ve decided to put in motorbikes in as a new gimmick, to make the duels more exciting or something silly, so when I went into this I figured I’d watch a few episodes to see how silly this is.



It’s actually really good.

About ten minutes in I released that motorbikes are actually cool and somehow combining it with card games is awesome. I believe the key factor that makes the bike duels exciting is that there not over used, about half the duels are your normal ones so the bike duels stay fresh. What I found interesting is they’ve really ramped up the speed of the duels (See what I did there? Ha!) and some duels last like two turns. I feel this works well cause instead of the long haul you have them flipping over like three cards at once that make them win and you go “oh shit!”.
Also since I’ve played the card game its rather rewarding when you see cards you know, so sometimes I already know what’s going to happen without the usual explanation.

Now since this is a show about card games the story is going to be silly, but what is 5d’s like?

Frankly considering they have to deal with the epicness of the original series I felt they did well. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The magic part of this series is to do with the Incas and crazy stuff from south America, and while that’s cool I am afraid they can’t really compare to the awesomeness that is Egypt. There is no monster that can out class the coolness of Exodia.

Anyway the story revolves around Neo domino city and its small counter part satellite, basically the city is where the cool rich people live and satellite is where the poor work for the rest of their lives. The twp are literally separated by a large body of water and people from satellite are not allowed to leave, I imagine due to the fact they are poor and therefore dirty. Surely enough our hero comes from satellite and goes on a quest to rescue his friends, defeat his rival, save satellite and spread love and peace etc.

How can he do all this? Why with cards of course! Turns out you can pretty much do whatever the hell you like if you have a good deck. Police giving you trouble? Beat there ass in a duel. Got sent to prison? No prob, just duel the warden to get out. Yes indeed dear reader we have stepped into a society of the strong stepping on the weak through the medium of card games. At the heart of all this is the Kaiba corporation.

So hang on, thanks to Kaiba in the future all disputes will be sorted through card games, and if your poor you basically get no rights?
Kaiba would be proud.

Moving on, once the ‘normal’ arc is over we get the mystical arc where we start having dark duels that can actually hurt your opponent. Sounds like the shadow duels right? It’s basically the same, expect the dark duels are super weak. If you wanted to have a hardcore magic card duel, which would you prefer?

A shadow duel where put your soul on the line, where you fade away when you lose life points?

Or a Duel you can get paper cuts and have your clothes ruined? Weak.

Overall however it’s a solid series and is keeping me entertained, which is all I really ask for.

P.S. For the love of god do not watch the dub! I can... Gah... There is vomit permanently stuck at the back of my throat now... The agony! It... It makes no sense! The things they change... the voices they use... it creates a sort of portal to the realm of the retarded... Flee reader! I’ll hold them back as best I can! So many children could already be lost to the hordes of the stupid!

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