Thursday, 16 July 2009

Summer Anime 2009

Well reader it’s time to check out the anime I’ve started watching from this new season. I didn’t watch much, but what I did watch is good... so that’s something. And no, I’m not watching those ones I know are terrible, I know it would probably be funny to read about my suffering but were not doing that.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni

Haha! Murder! Awesome.

If you’re a horror/detective fan then I’d say you’d enjoy this series, but wait till your done watching episode 2 before you decide.

The first episode is merely an introduction to the characters, the familys background blah blah blah. Honestly you’re not likely to remember any of their names but so far that hasn’t become a problem since their all different so you can’t confuse them with each other. Of course since this is an anime they’ve dropped in the usual stuff of boobs and a bit of a perverted lead, but it becomes much better if you can sort of blank him whenever he starts being a perv. We’ve also got a creepy little girl that makes this random noise, hurray!

Some other blogs have said how she’s really annoying (or creepy) with her little noise but honestly? Characters making strange and irritating noises have stopped bothering me now, it just doesn’t get to me anymore. If you asked my friends they’d probably say this is because I make random noises during conversation as well... so in a way I am kin to these characters. She does however have a headband with a tiny black crown on it... That’s awesome, I love tiny crown.

Anyway the story revolves around the fact that dad is old and probably going to die soon, so kiddies want to spilt the money. We also learn that the legend of the family is that they got gold bars from a witch, cause that totally wouldn’t be a stupid idea. I mean they all have a bit of laugh of how silly the story is, but frankly seeing as how the father is crazy as a hamster in a helium balloon I’m sorta leaning to the idea that she might be real... and being a witch sort of keen on doing unkind things to them.

In episode 2 everything is fine forever.

Oh wait, a bunch of them died... I guess not then.

HAHAHA, they totally have their faces smashed/cut off, awesome.

Element Hunters

I recently learnt that the show is actually a sort of a roundabout way of teaching kids the periodic table, and I have to say I wish I had this show when I was learning it.

It’s crazy fun viewer, defiantly aimed at our younger brethren but I still get a kick out of it. I mean hell it’s got haunted castles, space bases, a little android friend, a kid called homie and random waterfalls that appear out of nowhere.

I think my favourite scene is defiantly when the first kid jumps onto these pretty looking flowers, which then explode when he makes contact with them, then as their talking their like:

“Well... We could have a look around- Oh f*** a dragon! AHHH!”

Haha... Ah... Simple pleasures indeed.


Now I didn’t preview this one cause I was pretty sure it was gonna be some serious fighting thing... and bleh I wasn’t interested.

Turns out its funny as hell.

Now extreme warning reader, if you are not already very familiar with anime this show is not for you. If you want to put someone off anime this would be a good start, as it’s very extreme. Even if you do watch anime this show might be too extreme for you.

Did I mention it’s extreme?

Let me sum it up, every attack they have to shout something... our first example in fact is:


Yeah. The whole show begins with the bad guys killing like 4000 people, cause their Extreme. It’s a very fast paced show and you definitely need to be used to reading subtitles very quickly. There’s also no point trying to make sense of it, rather than stumbling over its plot holes it decides to get around them by EXPLODING them!

Our main fighter, ADAM BLADE (Awesome name), is made instantly cool by one single act when we first meet him, I won’t spoil it cause it’s awesome and funny.

Yeah so if you couldn’t stand anything I just wrote you won’t like this series, if you did you’d probably get a kick out of it. The show did make me sad however because it killed off my favourite character in the second episode... He had the best line “Its a magic!” and they put a drill through his chest... I mean come on... That’s harsh... He was only a kid... Sure he was trying to murder you but still... Harsh.

Last warning... yeah... The end sequence? Watch out for that... Yeah...

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