Friday, 10 July 2009

Sins of a Solar Empire

Accessing Hyclon Database
Search: Yuda Adilet
Classified: Requires Level Scorpion security clearance
Access granted

Subject 10187
Name: Yuda Adilet
Date of Birth: The 3rd day of the 7th Moon
Age: 27
Code Name: Fire Starter

Six logs found, opening all of them:

Log 1 by Professor Suminar

Subject 10187 was first discovered on his home planet of Nekrishnah at the age of nine years old, far from the voice of the unity the planet of Nekrishnah had fallen into deep decay and decadence which explains why the subject had not been culled as would be the proper action on the unties more enlightened worlds.

Subject showed signs of the rare mental disease Mengulus Toponmos, otherwise known simply as “The Agony”. The subject was brought to the orders attention after illogical riots begun on Nekrishnah, and after extensive investigation the child was found to have been the cause of the contamination to the voice of the unity there. Three quarters of the populace of the planet was purged in order to halt the spread of the disease and a null collar was placed upon the child in order to separate it from the unity.

The order debated much after the incident and it was finally decided that the subject be brought to an isolated lab in space so that the disease could be monitored and tested on until a cure was found. In the early days of experimentation two lab teams were lost to disease but a breakthrough had been made, while the disease had not been cured the science teams managed to mutate it into something else entirely.

Log 5 by Science officer Deldano

In its original state the carrier of Mengulus Toponmos would send out waves of psychic impulses which connected directly to the pain receptors within the brain, this would in turn cause affected subjects to act irrationally. It has been previously documented that most carriers are usually unaware of the disease but it seems they do normally suffer from mental imbalances. Subject 10187 seems no different in this regard and suffers fits of deep psychosis which results in visions of extreme violence and pain, and I do not mind mentioning that I am deeply disturbed by some of the images that leak from him during testing.
Thanks to our work however the disease has mutated into a fair less threatening state, which we hope will allow us to examine it in safety.

Log 13 by Science officer Deldano

*Bzzt* ran away into my office... The others have *Bzzt* can’t keep it out of my head... They’re everywhere!

*Bzzt*The disease has been changed yes, but... into something horrible... I’ve tried my best to *Bzzt* but it won’t be long until I end up like the others. We thought we could control it... but the stupid boy wouldn’t cooperate! He just keeps thinking... and thinking... He shares those terrible thoughts with us... I... I don’t want to hear these things! *Bzzt*

AHHH! Calm down! Calm down! My skin is not on fire... My skin... is not... on fire... My skin-AAHHRRG! *Bzzt*

Log 27 by New Science Officer Jilmandra

Things have been going alot smoother ever since we taught the subject an old song, it is important because the tune has a calming effect on members of the unity and we’ve been able to carry out our tests without cutting off the subject from the unity. Whenever he stops thinking of the tune the new science team has been commanded to activate his null collar.

Progress has been moving forward at an acceptable rate and it has been suggested that the subject has various military applications.

Log 34 by Science Officer Jilmandra

Thanks to the orders funding we’ve been able to get our hands on a prototype for a new psychic amplifier suit. While the subjects psychic powers seem to lack variety none can dispute the fact that thanks to the mutation he has indeed become very powerful, and it is our hope that the suit can extend his powers even further to effect entire worlds.

We’ve attached a failsafe onto the suit of course should the subject wish to be uncooperative, and with a push of a button his null collar can be activated. The pain and despair the subject shows upon losing the voice of the unity has taught him obedience and I like to show the younger scientists his reaction to losing the voice, I feel it puts them in their place quite excellently.
Log 35 by Science Officer Jilmandra

The testing went well. The subject, as I expected, demonstrated a massive amount of control considering how far his powers have come and was able to effect minds way past the reaches of the science station, even going so far as to effect areas on the neighbouring planet. Considering if things went badly the casualty list could go into the millions I feel this went very well.

His training is complete and I daresay his zeal for the cause of the unity is almost admirable.


Military drafting of Subject 10187:

Subject known as Yuda Adilet is to be given command of the 12th fleet of the Scagrose system using his command ship “The Horror”.

*Warning* Subject is imbalanced, if subject is suspected of going into psychosis captains are to disregard subjects orders *Warning*

Subject will always be accompanied by his close advisor Jrygal to see that the will of the unity is carried out.

*Warning* If subject is ever without advisor Jrygal, subject is to be shot on sight *Warning*

Subjects capital ship is to be given the utmost support when attacking planets, for when the correct components are gathered subject can use his powers to provoke massive hysteria on enemy worlds.

Glory to the Unity!

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