Thursday, 16 September 2010

Lets Watch Heroman: Part 13

Julie: Hey, are you ok?

Rooko: Urr.... You... Your the one that was with the white warrior...

Julie: You sure your ok?

Rooko: I'm... fine... Those idiots must have put me next to the core before everything went crazy... probably gave me super powers.... Wait... That's retarded.... retarded....

Rooko: KOGORR!

Rooko: KOGORR!

Kogorr: Rooko? Is that you? Your alive! And I can tell you apart from the other guys now!... Too bad that's not an issue anymore since I ate them. What do you say? Lets tear this world to pieces, like old times!

Rooko: No! F*** you! Don't think I didn't hear about that stupid pinball thing! That's why we came here?! That's why you killed everyone?! No F*** you! I'm putting an end to this! To you!

Rooko: GreenyBluey creature! We need to hit his last chest eye, he'll die without it!

Julie: Understood.
Julie: Heroman.

Julie: Rooko.

Julie: Lets do this.

Rooko: Grah! Kogorr!

Kogorr: Ha! Like it would be that easy! Take this!

Rooko: ORAH!

Kogorr: Pretty good, lets see how you handle this!

Kogorr: Ha! Looks like I outnumber you!

Julie: Heroman!
Julie: Electric!
Julie: Explosion!

Kogorr: Grrr! Die already!

Julie: Heroman! Go!

Rooko: Kick his ass!


Kogorr: Ha! Fool! You forget that I'm much bigger now!

Julie: That so!

Kogorr: Ah! What the hell!

Kogorr: Oh yeah, he can become a giant, I totally forgot about that.

Rooko: Die in a fire you asshole!



Julie: F*** yeah!
Rooko: Finally, it's over.

Kogorr:..... Ah.... that's just too bad.

Kogorr: I don't have weak spots.


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