Sunday, 5 September 2010

Hype: Anime Fall 2010

Ok, I will say one nice thing about this season.

I have seen much worse.

Iron Man
I've been lied to more than once by this thing, but it's finally coming out. It's actually being written by a competent writer (Can not remember who), so it should actually largely make sense and be good.

Lets hope it doesn't make too much sense lol.

Star Driver

Well.... Urmm.... The robots are weird looking?

Honestly if you read it's description it sounds like they were taking some crack when they came up with this. So it might be good.

However I'm getting a vibe from it. There was another giant robot anime I wanted to watch in the past, but it made no sense and I didn't like the main character... I'm sort of getting those vibes again. Hopefully it'll do something to keep me interested.

Togaihu No Chi

Gah, I hate it when people do this. Basically it's set after world war 3, and japan has spilt in two with one 'nation' being founded by a criminal organisation. Sounds interesting doesn't it? But then it goes on-

Our boy in white here gets convicted of a crime and in order to win his freedom he must play some sort of game and defeat it's king.

What is this? Why do this? For starters why give us an interesting setting your clearly not going to use much? It's that game plot you see, I have no idea why but Japan seems to think that criminals have nothing better to do then to set up ridiculous and convoluted games... Who has the time for this shit when your trying to run a drug empire?

Basically my fear is that it will all be about this game, exploring it's rules and blah blah blah, and never really getting into detail about the setting.

Also here's a dare, write the title in google images. I'm serious do it.

Ok everyone who did quickly go to the bottom of the post for a second, everyone else just carry on reading.

Super Robot Taisen The Inspector

Not sure if you'll remember me talking about the game of this, but that game was awesome so I'm defiantly giving this a look.

This is defiantly the giant robot anime of this year.


Well what do you know, this has been pretty good-

F*** you Japan.


Ok, so you looked it up right? What was your favorite image? The one where there looking longingly into each others eyes, or the one where there clearly giving each other tongue?

If you say one thing about Japan, say its pretty open to any sexuality (indoors).

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