Thursday, 16 September 2010

Lets Watch Heroman: Part 12

Kogorr: Ah yes, I remember now... Hello little girl creature, come to try and stop me I see?

Julie: It doesn't matter how many times you come back to life! I'll just kill you every time!

Kogorr: Ha... Hahahah, kill me? Kill me? Ha. Oh silly little creature, you merely inconvenienced me. And I am only stronger now, have a taste!


Pilot 1: Sooo... Are we like dropping a nuke or something?

Pilot 2: Urr, no were dropping storm cloud bombs.

Pilot 1: What? Why?

Pilot 2: Give the final fight a cooler atmosphere.

Pilot 1: What?! That's retarded! How is that going to help anyone?

Pilot 1:.... Oh cool, that actually looks pretty badass, never mind.

Julie: Jesus those are fast!

Kogorr: Hehehe.... Nothing matters anymore... Your too late.

Julie: What?

Kogorr: Ha... HAHAHAHAHA!

Kogorr: GAME OVER!

Kogorr: I've done it! I have made the universes biggest pinball Machine! And I have the first high score!

Julie:.... That.... That's why you invaded my planet? That's why you killed all those people! You... You Monster!

Kogorr: Huuuhhhh? Monster am I?

Kogorr: Graaaagggg.... I'll show you a Monster!


Hughes:..... Pilot... take us to France....

Pilot: What? But sir-

Hughes: Take us to France right now!

Kogorr: Well.... This has been fun. But now I'm tired... and frankly I'm feeling a bit hungry too.

Malgo: W-what? Ah! What are you doing Sir! Put me down!

Malgo: Lord Kogorr! What are you doing! Don't! AHHHHHHH-


Kogorr: Mmmmm, that hits the spot.

Jotroo: Oh my god! Rooko was right!

Horget: What do we do?!

Kogorr: You can get in my BELLY! HAHAHAHA!

*Nomb nomb nomb*

Kogorr: You know! It would be a shame if someone came and beat my high score... So I think I'll eat your entire planet! HAHAHAHAHA!

Julie:..... Oh sh- Hey whats that?

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