Saturday, 4 September 2010

Lets Watch Heroman: Part 10

Psh: So who are-

Hughes: Shit just got real!

Psh: Ok, but seriously, who are you?

Hughes: I'm your friendly Government agent man, and we need Heromans help!

Psh: What? How did you know about that?

Hughes: Look.... I had a whole bunch of episodes with me... explaining how the government teams up with Julie here .... But apparently it was boring as f***, so it was cut.

Psh:... Fine, I guess... What's the problem?

Hughes: Well you see..... It turns out that the bunker under the white house was being used as a research center for a private company.... No one knew they were down there... not even the president...they were doing some stuff with Skurg gear and long story short, the skrug are back now they have the white house.

Psh:... You didn't know they were there... That's retarded...

Julie: Yeah.... That.... That is pretty retarded.

Rooko: Its true! There are other survivors! I'm not going to be alone on this stupid planet anymore!

Malgo: Oh good Rooko, your just in time.

Rooko: Oh what? We're making a distress beacon? A space ship to escape this-

Malgo: We're going to take over the planet!

Rooko:.... W-what? There's like six of us! How the hell would we manage that?

Malgo: Were going to resurrect Kogorr!


Malgo: ...Hello? You okay?

Rooko:.... Yeah sorry, I just completely blanked there, what did you say again?

Malgo: We're going to bring back Kogorr!

Rooko:.... Why would you do that?

Malgo: He's going to lead us to victory!

Rooko: No! He's the idiot that got us here in the first place! It's just going to end the same way!

Malgo: Ah ha! But this time we're ready for anything!

Malgo: Now we have killer vines that shoot laser balls!

Rooko:... Right... Ok I guess.... And what happens if someone gets by those?

Malgo: Well then we have a massive robot army that also shoots laser balls!

Rooko: .... If you can build all this why can't you make a ship and just leave? Look, listen to me. Listen to the words that are coming out of my mouth.

Don't do this.

Don't bring him back.

He'll kill us all.

Jotroo: Hey guys?

Malgo: Yeah?

Jotroo: You know that white warrior that ruined us last time?

Malgo: Uh huh.

Jotroo: Well, he's back and he looks pissed.

Rooko: Oh god damn it!

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