Saturday, 11 September 2010

Lets Watch Heroman: Part 11

Malgo: I trust Rooko has been dealt with?

Jotroo: Indeed sir, we didn't have any jail cells so we just stuffed him next to the engine core.

Malgo: Doesn't that release radiation that gives people super powers?

Jotroo: Eh, maybe.

Horget: Guys! That white warrior is ruining our shit!

Malgo: Oh what the hell! He has lightning swords now? How is that fair?

Jotroo: Quickly! Use an annoying subplot to delay him!

Reporter: I'm going to take up half the episode with my meaningless tripe, Durpa durpa durp.

Malgo: Good work, now prepare the machine!

Psh: Man, I hate being useless. Isn't there anything we can do?

Denton: Heh, check this shit out *Click*

Psh: Whoa, isn't that the giant robot that douche scientist had from way back?

Denton: Yeah, I totally stole it.

Psh: F*** yeah.

Julie: God that was an annoying subplot, now back to ruining these guys.

Denton: Hey Psh, I got a question, who is that chick over there?

Psh: Oh that's Julie's sister.... She's kinda alright, but she's on like angry crack.

Denton: What the hell does that even mean?


Denton: AH! Holy shit!

Malgo: I think this has gone on long enough, wake him up...

Jotroo: But he's not ready yet!

Malgo: DO IT!

Julie:.... What the f-

Julie: Oh come on! If those things could fly what was the point of having them roll around?!

Malgo: Ha! So you made it hero, but your too late! We have killed your flag!

Julie:.... You know what? I've had to go through like ten episodes of total boring bullshit, then you guys come back acting all retarded... I'm calling it now, I'm going to kill all of you.

Malgo: It doesn't matter what you say! Because!



Kogorr:..... Why am I covered in goo?

Hughes *On the radio*: Shit just got real!

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