Monday, 1 November 2010

Marvel Anime


Ok we need to talk about this Marvel. What your doing is stupid. What your doing is also just a declaration of something I talked about for a while… the loss of western animation over eastern animation (When you’re not just copying the style but actually having eastern studios do your shows for you… la sigh), but were not here to talk about that…. No were hear to talk about why your being stupid by trusting the Japanese with these shows.

Now you might not know, but when the Iron Man anime came out quite a few people were pretty pissed, or just disappointed (I’m in the latter). See what happened was they released an amazing test trailer for it, it was right up there with some great animations… and then the show started… and all the robot models were… 3d….

This is a problem I’ve had with the Japanese for a while now. I remember when they started first doing it (yes that’s how long I’ve been watching anime) where they’d replace certain things with 3d. Slowly however it became more frequent and now major pieces were turned 3d, most notably the giant robots.

This is horrible.

3d mixed with 2d has never looked good. I know why they do it… its much cheaper and less labour intensive to use 3d modelling, but it looks like someone shat on a whiteboard. I have stopped watching shows because they use 3d for all of their fights…. Because it just looks so bad.

The big problem with 3d of course is that it’s very rigid, where the main strength of any animation is its fluidity. So when you replace scenes that would have looked awesome and flowing with 3d it just looks… it looks like a kid smacking two action figures together.

Now the point I’m getting to Marvel is this is how the Japanese will treat your shows. Do you know why Iron Man is 3d? Because the studio making it put all their best people on a different project. I’m not saying the Japanese did that cause there racists… it’s just they might be racist.

Marvel you need to understand some things… despite what you might think 3d has always looked terrible, and those cartoons you had made recently all look like balls. The Japanese are not going to put their best effort into your shows…. Which means they will not pierce their market. You need to look no further than the Xbox to see how well your brand will perform in japan Marvel… Despite my fan boying the xbox is not a bad console… but the Japanese will always buy the Japanese product. The only reason the IPhone did so well in Japan is because there wasn’t a Japanese equivalent of it (I’m not making that up).

So while your attempts to attract a new foreign market is likely to crash and burn I did want to say one thing Marvel…

Love the shows. They are so retarded and cliché they remind me of the good old days. I can’t wait for the X-men anime and the Blade anime…. Man… Just thinking about how stupid they’ll be is making me all giddy inside.

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