Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Lets Watch Ironman: Part 4

Everyone is having a fun time at Tony's race car exhibition.

Tony: Hey beautiful, your alot like that car.... it's gonna be a tight fit, but oh so satisfying.

Tan: Ah, I see you've already started drinking...

Tony: Started? Baby, I haven't stopped.

The next day...

Tony: Ah, nothing like the sound of engines to cure a headache...

Driver: Target found....

Driver: Eliminating Tony Stark!

???: Woosh!

Wolverine: Sup.

Tony:.... Logan.... What the f*** doing in my show?

Terminator: Tony Stark! I am from the future present! You will pay for your crimes against my metallic brothers!

Tony:..... Ok, that's it.... I'm leaving now.

Tony: God damn.... I can't take even a day off in japan without the X-men or some over zealous toaster getting all up in my face.

Computer: Sir.... That... Erm.... Toaster just sent you an e-mail... he wants to fight.

Tony: Erg, fine. If it'll get him off my back.

Computer: What do you think he meant by your crimes Tony?

Tony: Hahaha, like I care what a machine thinks.

Computer: Hrmmmmm....

Iron Man: Ok, I'm here, lets do this quickly.... I'm gonna have my hair cut at 12.

Taurus: Foolish Iron Man! I shall crush you!

Tony: Erg! Okay.... your a bit strong, but lets see you handle-

Wolverine: Woosh!

Tony: F*** you Logan!

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