Saturday, 30 October 2010

Lets Watch Ironman: Part 3

Tan: This is it Tony, the latest in EMP technology it's called the-

Tony: Looks stupid.... Make it again.

Tan:.... Tony this took years of development, the shape is crucial to it's functionality.

Tony: Doesn't change the fact that it loos like a retarded Light bulb.

Tan: Ur... Look I got a call.... on my IPHONE!

Yama: Tan! How are you doing? You remember that thing we were making years back?

Tan: You mean the thing that did the thing?

Yama: Yeah... Urmm.... It seems the rest of team have all died... Thought I should tell you just in case.... although I don't think there's anything to worry-


Tan: Hello? You there? Huh that was weird... Tony? Where'd you go?

Iron Man: Tornado, huh? Computer! Give me an analysis!

Computer: Its a... tornado?

Iron Man: For science!
Iron Man: AHHHH! Holy shit!

*Iron man shoots out of the tornado and crashes through a building*

Iron Man: Urrgg....

Computer: Why the hell did you do that!

Iron Man: Blarg.... I shouted for science and everything... was sure that would work...

Computer: What would work? Are you drunk? Hang on, gonna use the suit to give you a breathalyser test and -Holy crap! You are way over the limit for piloting a robot suit! Get out of there right now!

Iron Man: Awww...

Tan: Oh hey Saka, I came to ask about the Tornado thing.

Nan: You guys made a machine that makes Tornado's?

Saka: Yeah that's right. We lost funding so we never used it... I got all the plans in the back.

Nan: Wait.... So.... Anybody could just walk in there and steal your plans for a tornado machine?


Saka: You know too much!

Tan: Oh my god! He's got a gun!

Nan: A laser gun!

Tony: Oh hey there, I got to burn some time until I'm a bit more sober, you need any help around here?

Aid Worker: Your Tony Stark right? We don't need help from a weapons dealer!

Tony: Wait what?...Wait.... Oh I see... Since I used to be an arms dealer that makes me a bad person? Well look here assface! I am a bad person because of my uncontrollable alcoholism, not because of my past careers! You know how rich I am? I was going to call in like hundreds of planes and helicopters to help out here.... I have a button on my phone that summons a circus whenever I want one... In two minuets everyone here could have been watching tigers and elephants and people jumping through fire.... but no. Since you just judged me even before you got to know me you get nothing!

Aid Worker 2: There.... There was gonna be a circus?

Tony: Not anymore chumps... Later.

Tan: So like.... I heard that alot of people died because there wasn't enough aid to go around?

Tony: They had their chance... Didn't you say you got attacked by a guy with a gun?

Tan: He was like 80 years, I kicked his ass.

Tan: Ok Tony, use the new.... redesigned EMP device to shut down the tornado machine.

Iron Man: Still looks stupid!

Gemini: Iron man! So you've-

Iron Man: SLAM DUNK!

Iron Man:Hahahaha!.... 3 points.

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