Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Lets Watch Ironman: Part 1

Tony: Ah Japan.... So we meet at last...

Stewardess: Ur... Mr Stark? Don't you think it's a bit early to start drinking?

Tony: Well that depends, don't you think it's a bit early to be a bitch?

Tanaka: It's a pleasure to meet you Mr Stark-

Tony: Wait, your supposed to be a scientist? Hot. You should sleep with me.

Tan: That's... Highly inappropriate Mr Stark-

Tony: No seriously, sleeping with me will do wonders for your career.

Kurodo: I'm glad you chose Japan to build your free energy project Mr Stark.

Tony: Yeah some dick said I couldn't make free energy, this should show that asshole....

Kurodo: Wasn't that the... President?

Tony: Yeah that guys a douche, I'm gonna get him fired.

Kurodo: Are.... Are you drunk?

Tony: No....

Tony: Yes.

Tony: Well its nice to finally meet the pilots of the new Ironman, I'll be stepping away from teh stage to give you boys a chance to shine.

Pilot: Really? Thanks Mr Stark!

Tony: No problem! I know you guys have been training for this for years, I wouldn't take that away from you.

Tony: WOOOO! F*** YEAH!

Pilot: Man, that guy is a dick!

Tony: Oh shit.... Shouldn't have opened the helmet... gonna throw up....

Tony: F**********!

ReporterGirl: Oh my god! You just destroyed that entire road!

Tony: Yeah.... That happens sometimes... Want to give me a ride? I'll give you one in return...

Rep:... What?

Tan: Tony, we need to talk.

Tony: Oh hey, how are you doing?

Tan: Tony... I'm being serious here, I just heard you destroyed an entire motorway, and now there are rumors you slept with the first person you met afterwards...

Tony: Haha.... Yeah.... I hit her like I hit that road....

Tan: Look Tony, you can't just go around destroying things and sleeping with whoever-

Tan: Oh my god! The new Iron man just went crazy and killed the new pilots!

Tony: Phew, thank god... Thought she'd never shut up.

Tan: What did you say?

Tony: Urr.... I said I'll be right there!

What evil will the new Iron Man inflict! Who can stop him!

Iron Man: Boo-yah Motherf***er!

Iron Man: Haha, I kicked your ass.

Iron Man: Whoa! What the hell are you?

Scorpio: I am Scorpio! A powerful knight of the Zodiac! We have come to-

Iron Man: Hey guess what?

Scorpio: What?

Iron Man: I don't give a f***.

Scorpio:.... What?


Iron Man: Hahahaha! Today has been a good- Awww.... someone stole the suit... wait... I'm in Japan...

Iron Man: Curse you Ninjas!

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