Saturday, 2 October 2010

Anime: Iron Man

Well it's finally out, so I thought I'd say a few things about it cause I think it's actually an interesting study.

Now the whole thing is clearly based on the new Iron Man films, but this only applies to the aesthetics. Anyone who's only watched the Iron Man films, or has never seen anime in general might be a bit put off the way Tony Stack has been played.

Of course the problem is the films showed is the best tony stark ever, Robert Downy Jr is bursting with personality and he doesn't just act like Tony Stark... He becomes him. Now the way Tony acts in the films is as a exaggerated American celebrity, he causes controversy where he ever he goes... but damn he is so cool you don't care.

Now in the anime Tony is very different from this... I don't know what Japanese people consider rude and so on, but I had a feeling that this how they'd expect an eccentric billionaire to act. Tony is a rather polite gentlemanly individual... but he's also really rude.

The single best line comes after this: *Context, Tony is in the car with a female reporter, uh oh!*

Reporter: I honestly don't know what to ask you...
Tony: Well how about this! I'll show you a secret of mine that not many people know....
Reporter: What? What secret?
Tony: Like... How I kiss...

Tony starts going for the kiss, but then pulls the handbrake and ditch's her, I half expected him to go "Aaaaiiieee!".

The reason I think this is interesting is because usually the flirtatious character is a secondary character, he's the one that complicates the relationship of the show. But Tony is that character, so for that reason alone I think it'll be quite fun to watch.

So yeah, there was a fight to, against a 'zodiac' warrior... and I'm all for that, villains naming themselves after stuff like that is always fun. I'd say a good series... Nothing too heavy, nothing too light... just something that's fun to watch.

God, how long has it been since I've watched an anime like this?

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