Monday, 25 January 2010

2010 The year of...


A decade has just gone by. That shit is ridiculous. So begins my slippery slope into old age. I complain about kids all the time so I’m already half way there.

I wonder if anyone really sits down and wonders what the future will think of us? Like when they open up their gel pads and look up the year 2000 to 2010 what are they going to see? The answer is quite simple.

We are as boring as f***.

I don’t know how much history you’ve read about, but your likely to know about key events that changed the face of the world forever. Do you know what you don’t learn about? The filler years... The years when nothing f***ing happened. Guess what? Your living in one.

Is this really a bad thing? Well it depends how important you think you are, because a 100 years from now no one is going to remember you, or give two shits how you managed to climb that corporate ladder. It’s just something you have to accept, if not then I would plan and execute an incredibly brutal and effective coup. It’s funny really, in history nice guys do finish last, the more brutal the act the more likely the future will remember it.

Oh and what a start of a new year, a devastating and terrible earthquake in Haiti. Of course no one can be blamed for that, natural disaster and all that. My heart goes out to those caught in that tragedy and my thanks to all those going to help them, if that’s worth anything. But when I watch the news stories I can’t help but feel a cruel irony at play here. Who honestly thinks anyone in the future is going to learn about this? Or any of the terrible disasters that has happened over our lifetimes? Can we learn anything from these tragedies? Alot as it turns out, but are we going to? No.

Our generation sucks. I’m not even sure if our years are worth a footnote let alone a deep study.

Jesus Christ. Don’t believe me? Have a look at this, just a simple English timeline, I’ll take 10 years from the past and compare it to what was written about our decade.


Charles II dies. James II (a Roman Catholic) becomes king.
The Duke of Monmouth (Charles II's illegitimate son) leads an unsuccessful rebellion in Southwest England.
1686 'Hanging' Judge Jeffery’s sentences many of the rebels to death.
Isaac Newton publishes his great work Principia Mathematica. He lays the foundations of modern physics.
The 'Glorious, Bloodless Revolution'. James II flees abroad and William and Mary become the new monarchs.
1689 The Bill of Rights is passed


2004 The population of England reaches 50 million.
2005 Hunting foxes with dogs is banned
Gordon Brown becomes prime minister.
Jacqui Smith becomes the first female Home Secretary

Wh... What can you even say to that? How f***ing boring are we? At this rate perhaps we should hope the poles of the earth shift in 2012. At least then the future will have a cool footnote to look at while they hide in their caves from the giant night owls.

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