Sunday, 31 January 2010

Lets Watch Viper's Creed: Part 5

Ahhh! That is not Norma's ass! Why would you do this! Ahhh!

Crowed: Oh boy, I bet this public speaking event is going to be off the hook.

Guard 1: Hey look at that, a giant robot... that's kinda odd.

Guard 2: It's probably nothing.

Company President: Hey everyone! I just got back from my daughters piano lesson, shes such an angel-

Crowed: OH MY GOD!

Guard 1: .....

Guard 2: FFFFFF***

Rudra: For the last time Har, I am not touching that hand.

Police: Rudra! Your under arrest!

Rudra: *Shit shit shit! They must have found the farm! This will teach me to invest in smooth talking drug dealers*

Police: Under arrest for murder!

Rudra: Oh thank god- wait what?

Police: We know you did it... That shot was over 2k long, only you could have pulled that off.

Rudra: Are... are you serious? I'm a suspect cause... I'm the only sniper you know? That's f***ing retarded man.

Police: So.... Your free now.... If you don't tell anyone that we beat you up we'll not tell anyone you have flash backs in high stress situations.

Rudra: Deal.

Police: Seriously that shit can ruin your psychological profile, no one will ever hire you.

Walter: Ok, the snipers still out there and were being paid to stop them.

Guy: Question, how are we going to find them?

Walter: Well it seems the sniper actually tells everyone who there going to shoot next, so all we have to do is-

Guy: wait? Seriously? Why are all are terrorists retarded?

Rudra: I knew it... It was you all along... Your the only other sniper that ever appears in this anime.

Rudra: Oh man.... did she just sleep with me so she could nick my stuff?

Moving on...

Rudra: Hang a second! Where did all my scenes go? Have you been skipping them James? Don't treat me like Norma! Give me my scenes!

Sigh, fine... Here's Rudra having a flashback, the women and him were partners in the war but she ran off to save his life blah blah blah.

Walter: Well the sniper's client has been arrested so that should take care of that.

Rudra: Noooo! I won't let the episode end like this!

Sak: Where's he going?

Saki:.... To go settle things....

Sak: Goddamn your plot powers Saki!

Rudra: I'll finish this.....

Bitch 2: Wait no! You can't shoot there! If you hit the tower the power to that entire area will go down?

Rudra: Damn it, then what can I do?

Sak: Saki! Saki! I know that look! Don't do it! I mean it Saki! Don't you dare-

Sak: Oh god damn it....

Saki: ....Sorry, my bad.

Rudra: I shall finish this in the time honored way of all snipers....

Rudra: BOOM! Headshot!

Sak: So.... Saki, what the hell happened this episode?

Saki: Well basically Rudra's old partner came down with a heavy case of post traumatic stress disorder and couldn't accept a world with no war... so she wanted Rudra to end it all.... Also you learn that Rudra's a bit messed up too cause all his partners tend to die.

Sak: Oh ok.... So why did James skip most of his scenes.

Saki: Cause he had like five f***ing flashbacks in one episode... I mean Christ, really? If you need that many flashbacks in a single episode to explain your backstory then your doing it wrong.... Plus he's boring as hell and no gives a crap about his feelings... I mean the next episode is Gar and he's kinda interesting.... but then we have the Har episode and god... I might just kill myself at that point.

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