Sunday, 13 December 2009

Lets Play Zoids Legacy

Rpg? Customizing gaint Robots? What could go wrong?

Lets see, first we have to name our main character.

She strikes me as a Kate, she’s a bit butch but I’m sure she has her charms. (I refuse to believe that is a guy, this didn’t used to get to me, but these days... yeah it does)

The hell is that?

"Time-space be tripping balls, yo!"

Oh no! Poorly animated giant robots!

"Planet Zi beyond the Galaxy"- What? That... That doesn't make any f***ing sense!

Kate: Holy shit, for a second there I thought I became the main character to a really bad game.

Kate: Sup, can I get a drink here?

Kate: ... What? I didn't ask for your f***ing life story, I asked if you had any drinks?


Kate: F*** this town.

Kate: Ah! What the hell are those! What sort of planet has wild giant robot bugs roaming the countryside?

Kate: AH! And why am I in a giant robot!

Kate: Ah! Where did you come from! What's going on?!

The bugs die and the women leaves.

Kate: I don't like this place!

Kate: Guess I'll check out this town?

ROBOT: Hello! Would you like to sign up for the zoid battles!

Kate: I guess I could use the money...

ROBOT: Error! You need a partner!

Kate: What? Can't I just do some small one on one fights first...?


kate: AHH! Ok!

Kate: Ah! You again! What do you want?

Mystery: Oooh... You have a nice necklace, if only I hadn't lost my memories...

Kate: Are you shitting me? Amnesia? No, f*** this noise... I'm selling my robot for crack.

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