Sunday, 18 July 2010

Lets Play The Warriors of Heaven and Earth: Part 5

Li: Shit! Lets get the hell out of here!

DM: Shouldn't you go... help them?

Lai Xi:... Mrrhhh...

Li: Wait wait wait! I got a plan!

Li: We'll pull up this rope and trip their horses! This is the best plan ev-

Li: Oh god it didn't work!

Jack: What happened?!

Li: They went around it! Cunning bastards!

Li: The hell? The old man is kicking ass.


Li: Ok so I think we los- awww... damn it...

DM: In front of the bandits a man you-

Li: See! I told you he was the villain! This is bullcrap, I totally killed him.

Jack: No! The camels! We need those to live!

Li: This can't possibly get any-

Li:..... Shhhhhiii- Run run run!

Lai Xi: Hey guys I came to- Aww....

DM: You eventually escape down a narrow path.

Li: Thank god for that. I swear those bandits had like 40 Ac.

Li:.... So.... Were hiding in a crypt?

Npc: Yep.

Li:.... Were gonna die.

Lai Xi: I sleep on the coffin cause I'm a badass.

Old: Merph... Durth mer nerf Kar Narf-

Li: The hell is he saying?

Lai Xi: I think he's trying to explain the plot?

Li: This thing has a plot?

DM: Oh screw you!

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