Saturday, 21 August 2010

Lets Talk About: Heroman

Well, to be honest I really want to do another lets watch series. The problem is there's literally nothing worth watching at the moment, not even to make fun of it. Oh sure you say, there's plenty of anime from the past you could do... but come on... I've pretty much watched all of them and I really dislike rewatching things. So it's got to be new.

For a long time now I've been waiting for Heroman to get back into it's stride so I can make fun of it again. I mean, I only did like what? 13? 12 episodes? This is apparently a 26 episode series and we've already hit 21....

I have no idea what they were thinking when they made all these other episodes.

It's kinda funny actually, you'll be told to watch all kinds of series because even though their opening is weak... it gets better later. There's of examples of this, and people willing to trudge through are usually rewarded for their efforts. Heroman's strange in that it does the complete opposite of this... The start is the best, and the rest is just awful.

To get a better understanding of what's going on, listen to this-

As you should know most hero story's start out small, getting used to their powers and slowly ramping up the enemies. This is the start bit that's awful, because there's literally nothing interesting you can do with it... Because your the power rangers at this point.

After this the main main villain is usually introduced, and we start having an actual story that spans lots of episodes.

Heroman has done the complete opposite of this. We've already had the main villain appear, so now were going through this character building phase... and it's just... What? Really? If you were gonna do this you really needed to do it at the start or not at all.... I'm serious, forgo the whole character development... because your not good at it and nobodies interested... just... keep rolling out ridiculous and never explained plots like the giant pinballs (Yes, even though they were kinda important, we have not heard a single thing about them for some time).

I feel like this anime could have easily tried to go the Gurran Lagann route, by just ramping the awesome up more and more with each episode (Or in Heromans case the retardation). But the instant the bad guy... from space (This is important) is defeated... were suddenly contending with very.... earthly problems... That's called a downgrade, you can't do that, it doesn't work.

Honest to god I was expecting something ridiculous like Kogorr's brother coming to earth and vowing retarded vengeance upon his killer (Which is funny, cause Kogorr killed himself). Then there's nothing else about space... It's like putting a single cherry on your pudding... it's a pudding! Not a salad! Go all the way!

Oh sure there building up to something... but... why? Why build up? Why not just take the plunge? Were here to have fun? Not to wonder how the aliens retarded technolgy works.

See if I had my way, what would have happened next is Kogorr's brother would have appeared, had a good old brawl... And then a cyborg Kogorr appears! Who calls himself Mecha Supreme Kogorr!

I mean come on... That was easy and instantly awesome... This isn't hard!


There might be a silver lining, Iron Man the anime will be coming out soon... and you'll be damn sure I'll follow that.

Oh, I hope it's retarded.

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