Monday, 9 August 2010

God Damn You Bioware...

Ok, seriously, you need to stop doing that. It was fine the first time, we were all very impressed... it does not mean you should do it a second time...

Now you might be wondering what I'm talking about... Why? Aren't you psych yet? You... Eh... your just making my life harder.


I think everyone should know Mass Effect by now, right? Good game right? No arguments here. Dragon age? That was a good game too.

Bioware, there both good already... you don't need to make them the same godamn game.

Oh you think I didn't notice? This trend your starting to follow? I'm calling it now, Biowares games are going to slowly look more, play more, and seem more like Mass Effect. Why? Well thats easy, cause Mass Effect sells bitchs.

For a long time people have been fighting against, and accepting the concept that Pc gaming has been dieing. However both sides are only half right. PC gaming is not dieing, but pieces of it are... because it's changing, and has been for a long time now. Despite whatever contempt you have for them, the fact is games can sell really well on consoles. Certain games anyway. And people notice this, their drawn to it... there is no fighting it... They have to go where the big bucks are.

You know what sold really well on consoles? Mass Effect? You know what else did? Dragon Age, and everyone would agree that that was primarily a PC game. Now there have been some pretty nasty rumors going about, how Bioware might be cutting alot of PC features and basically making it a console port instead... If thats true... Well that's a sad day indeed...

But there's something else I wanted to bring up.

In Dragon Age 2 you follow the main character. Important to note this, not your character... but the main character.

....... FFFFFFF-

Basically Bioware have decided to follow the design decision they took with Mass Effect and apply it to Dragon Age, where you follow a premade characters. Now for an RPG this is great on the design floor... I mean, when you can have over 30 different types of characters (race, class, blah blah blah), that's alot of extra dialog you have to go through?

But when you only have one character to worry about? Wow, that's a load off your mind. This is not a decision I'm really behind.

Oh it's so easy to see why Bioware did it... But damn it... This isn't a book, or a film Bioware... This is a game... and games can do things books and films can't... and that's starring everyones own personal character. Why would you throw that away? It's something bold, something that truly marks games above other mediums.

I'm sure the story will be fine, you've proven your not completely stupid when it comes to that (Only sometimes), but this is not the path you should be walking down.

Didn't you say how J-RPG's were bad? And yet here you are, doing the exact same thing they did? The reason I liked western RPG's is because I could make any story I wanted!

Why would you throw that away?

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