Sunday, 7 March 2010

Lets Watch Viper's Creed: Part 11

Bitchs: Sir! All our systems are being locked down, we can't do anything!

Walter: What on earth is going on?

Strauss: As of right now the military are taking over all operations within the city.

Walter: W-what? You can't do that

Strauss: You will find that I can.

Solider: Ok, here come the terrorists.... shoot to kill.

Solider: Urr.... control? There was no one in the truck.... and then it exploded.... alot of my men are dead....

Ulla: Hehe, that's pretty funny.
Rudra: Sooo.... What do we do now?

Mafia guy: Don't shoot! I'm here to help!

Women: I love my dog, I love life... I'm glad nothing will go wrong today-

Oh god!
Walter: A terror bot?! Quickly dispatch the rest of the units-

Solider: Not so fast... The army's in control here...

Solider: Target eliminated.

Walter: Oh god.... There were still people down there!.... Why do I have the feeling I'm on the wrong side?

Mafia: Oh man... Did you see that? There still blaming you for the terror bots.

Gar: Eh, I don't really care anymore... But why are you helping us?

Mafia Guy: Well... There is something I want....


This is where the bad guy's motives are finally revealed. See after the last war nobody liked the military so the merc's called blade men were set up to fill the gap for awhile. However the problem was it turned out these merc's were too good at their job, and despite all the unrest people would still prefer the merc's. The reason the army's been using terror bots and such is because they want to create a police state run by fear.

Oguma: Oh my god! You'll never get away with this! I'm going to tell everyone!

Strauss: Urr.... No your not.

Oguma: Oh.... OH..... Yeah.... I guess that was kinda stupid....

Mafia: Ah, to taste your cooking again Gar... I have missed it...

Saki: Oh shit! Everyone down!
Mafia Guy: Ahh! I regret helping you!

I like the guy on the far left, he's entering the building like he's Neo.

Dave: Knock it off Barry! This is serious!

Barry: Oh....
Gar: Grahh.... I'll hold them off! You guys get out of here! Take the evidence!

Rudra: No wait! Don't pass it to me! I'm seeing a pattern forming here!


Solider: Holy shit!

Solider: Urr! Urr! What about living! That's important!

Oguma: Eh, I hate being locked in my office.... Who's calling? I probably won't be able to go to any meetings.... ever again...

(They left him his phone?)

Rudra: Damn it! There just firing missiles everywhere! They'll level the whole city at this rate!

Saki: That's it, it's motherf***ing go time.

Solider: What do you mean they shot two planes into each other?! How the hell does that work!

Rudra: Figures the army's got spare terror bots.

Rudra: Oh damn it! My robot's breaking down, Saki catch!

Rudra:.... Shit.... It's fully broke now..... Well.... They got away.... and at least I'll get a cool last stand like the other guys...

He is then shot by like 12 snipers.

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