Thursday, 4 March 2010

Lets Watch Viper's Creed: Part 10

Sak: Son of a bitch!
Rudra: Oh god! I know I said I liked the terminator films but this is just silly!

Gar: Ow! Did.... Did you just shoot me with a smoke grenade...? Owwee.....

Norma: There after my money!

Saki: Ok Saki.... Just think back to basic training.... what would the Sarge say....

*Braven Tooth: Now Saki if your ever confronted by a giant robot, and your not in a giant robot... Your pretty screwed, so my advice is to pray the pilot has a heart attack*

Saki:.... F***
Walter: What the hell! We've been hacked! How did this happen!

Saki: Holy shit it worked!

Strauss: You said you had the girl under control! She just raped our systems!

Ulla: What? Don't say that.... That's not cool... I'm sure she's just messing around...

Sak: Oh.... Hey everybody.... How'd you all get here?

Gar: I'm not sure....

Aga: Hello.

Everyone: Ahhh!
Aga: I've got this evidence that proves your innocent...

Rudra: Why thank you! That helps us-

Aga: First you have to play a game with me....

Rudra: W-what kind of game...?

Aga:.... Murder in the dark.

Rudra: Well look at that... The military's messing with the footage... and my god Strauss! She was behind it all along!.... Nothing? Really guys? Your not surprised?

Gar: Called it.
Norma: Called it.
Saki: Called it.
Sak: Called it.

Rudra:.... I hate you guys....

Saki: This is why Har died.... He found out that Ulla and Strauss were working together...

Sak: Ok, there is no way you could have known that... Damn your plot powers!

Rudra: Well this is all well and good... but what do we do now? We can't put it on the Internet ever since that virus appeared that turns everything into porn.... and it's not like we can just waltz up to a tv station...
Saki: We'll steal some bikes....

Best. Plan. Ever.

Sak: So.... Why are you helping us little girl?

Aga:... I liked Har...

Sak: Aww... That's kind sweet-

Aga: It was fun to cut him in his sleep.

Sak :0
Planning Montage!
This short and pointless montage is just an excuse not to tell us what their plan actually is.

Sak: Wow! Hacking is so easy! Even a child could-... Oh... Sorry Aga.
Go Team!
Viper, even when innocent, we will totally shoot you.
Guard: We've got them now-- Oh god damn it! I swear to god when I make my own base the elevators will all be sealed!


Guard: AHHHH! Holy shit!

Rudra: So urr.... Was it really necessary to kill those people with your bare hands Gar?

Gar: Yes.
Strauss: What do you mean team Viper are in the building! Catch them! Bah.... It doesn't matter, they can't leave with the bikes any-

Guard: Urr.... Yeah.... About that.... We kinda left the keys in them... We.... We dropped the ball on this....

Rudra: Hahaha! I can't believe that worked!

Strauss: Oh it's not that easy.... Hehehe.... Who am I talking to?

Rudra: Oh my god! What the hell! Those are huge! And can fly! Why the hell do we use motorbikes?!

Norma: F*** your plane!

Saki: Ok everyone! Into the truck!

Terrorist: Not so fast! Make a single move and the girl dies!

Norma: Who the hell are you?

Terrorist: W... What? I'm.... I'm the Terrorist guy!.... The recurring villain? I kidnapped your daughter?.... I blew up like... a whole bunch of buildings?

Norma:.... No.... I got nothing....

Terrorist: Grrr! Fine then! I shot Har!

Rudra: You bastard!

Terrorist: Hahaha! That's more like it!

Rudra: I was going to shoot Har!

Terrorist: Haha- what?

Terrorist: Ah! Who farted!

Terrorist: Ha! I shot you!.... Wait.... Did.... Did you just slit my throat...? You bitluagugau.....

Saki:.... Guys.... Whats going on? I was listening to my tunes.... Who's the dead guy?

Norma: Here! Take the evidence!

*Gar catchs it*

Rudra: Don't throw it you crazy ho!

Norma: I'll go... lead them away....

Soilder: Hahaha! We are unstoppable!

Soilder: Ahhh! Jesus Christ!

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