Monday, 8 February 2010

Lets Watch Viper's Creed: Part 6

Reporter: Hello Gar, everyone wants to know... How excited are you about having your own episode?

Gar: I feel good... This is a good thing... I'll probably have a big fight, lots of explosions, ending in an amazing fist fight... Yep... It's not like they'd take the biggest character and throw him into really mundane story that has no action what so ever.

Gar: *Oh sweet, my very own flashback.... I used to teach in the military... Why did I stop again?*

Dude: Hhhhheeeyyyy! Saaarrrge! I found some of your mother's cooking!

Gar: Get that thing the hell away from me!

Dude: Ah my face!

Gar: *Oh yeah...*
Saki: E.... Ethnic (Actually says this).

Har: Don't be rude Saki, this is a nice place... Great food and everything!

Little Girl: Here's your food! Sorry it took so long.... I hope you'll like it....

Sak: Blah! I think I lost a tooth!

Har: Nooo! I'm losing screen time!

*I love Saki's expression, he looks like he's just been shot*

Little Girl: So..... It's good then?

Little Girl: Wow, thanks for doing some.... all of the cooking for me.

Gar: I'm doing it for my friends.... before their taste buds are ruined forever.

Mafia Dude: Ney! Guess who owes us money!

Little Girl: Oh no... Look we can-

Mafia Dude: It's yooooouuuuu!

Gar: AH! The guy from my flash back! So.... Err.... How are you doing?

Mafia Dude: Oh fine.....

Mafia Dude: Expect I'm like f***ing Darth Vader now cause of you!

Mafia Dude: Anyway.... Get the money soon.... Or who knows what will happen...

Little Girl: I'll get it don't-

Mafia Dude: You'll become a hooker..... Just saying.

Gar: Don't worry little girl... I shall teach you how to cook.

Little Girl: But we've only got a week! How will I learn to cook in time?

Gar: Simple... With a Montage....

Dur dun dun dun
Training to be a chief
Oh oh oh
Learning some simple recipes!

Gots to train hard
Gots to train fast
Cause I
dont dont dont
Want to be a hooker!

Sak: Soooo.... Saki.... Do you always look up your teammates backgrounds? That's kinda creepy.... Wait! Have you looked up mine?

Saki:.... Sorry, my bad.... You should really try to cut down on the crack...

Sak: Shut up! I can quit whenever I want to!

Little Girl: Doe doe doe... Hmm? What's this?

Gar: Hey, how you do-
Little Girl: Get out!
Gar: What? Why?
Little Girl: I just found out your one of those dangerous mercenaries! Your a murderer!
Gar: That's a bit unfair... We protect the city from terror bots... besides it's usually Saki that kills people.
Little Girl: I'm not listening! Despite all the help you've given me I've deiced to cast you aside after learning very little about you!

Gar: Fine... Cya later Bitch.

Mafia Dude: Hey, thought you might want to hear how it went for the little girl...

Gar: Not really interested-

Mafia Dude: She's a hooker now.... Just saying...

Sak: James!
James: Ah! What?
Sak: You can't end the episode like that! It's horrible!
James: Eh.... Fine.

Sak: Look everyone! Happy ending! I got these cookies from a street vendor.... There really good.... I think someone got taught how to cook well indeed...

Rudra: Oh, I've had these.

Sak: Really?

Rudra: Yeah, there's this hooker who sells them-

Sak: God damn it!

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